Is software-based school management system that helps teachers, administrators, and support staff streamline their daily duties.You can easily note whatever happens in the classroom, the school office, or anywhere in the facility. With just a few clicks, authorized users can pull a student’s entire history, all of the transactions affiliated with a remodeling project, or even a history of the school’s special events or fundraisers.

Eazy School also helps to improve communications between the school, its students, and their parents.

Eazy School automates and streamlines most of this process, making it easier to keep records clean, complete, organized, and easy to retrieve.

Everything your institution will ever need

EAZY SCHOOL is a software-based school management system that comes with innovative solutions to many problems that are prevalent in Africa's educational system.

EAZY SCHOOL provides a TOTAL school administration and students' CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT.

EAZY SCHOOL is designed with the students, teachers and schools in mind.

Everything your institution will ever need.

Eazy School also helps to improve communications between the school, its students, and their parents.

EAZY SCHOOL automates and streamlines processes, making it easier to keep records in an accurate and organized manner, and easy to retrieve whenever needed.

Online examination & assignment

+ Many other awesome modules in EAZY School

Features of EAZY SCHOOL

Result Management

Keeping track, and calculating each student grade is a tedious task. Hence, EAZY SCHOOL automatically design and compute students’ grades and results with optimized speed and accuracy in report generation.

School Fees Management

Eazy School streamlines and provides a clear graphical analysis of the financial management of the school. It also eases the making of all payment and gives access to detailed records of all transactions made. 

Test & exam question bank

Eazy School allow teachers and facilitators to set test and Assignment for student, and the system will automatically grade the student. The system is equally capable of keeping tab of all the questions in a conducive question bank for future use.

Skill Acquisition Module

Our School management system has a module for virtual skill training to ensure that every leaves the school with a skill set. This virtual skill box comprises of videos, simulators and Learning tools for students to learn. Great emphasis is on this feature.

Parents/Teacher Collaboration

Eazy school gives parents and teachers easy access to communicate with one another with the aim of building up the student for a greater future.

Free Website for School

Get a Responsive free school website with rich and engaging contents that fit any screen size. Website features include sections for school biography, News services, Events update, Gallery and much more.

Add-on Modules

In addition to the Core Essential Modules and Interfaces, Schooberry flexibly provides multiple add-on modules that can meet the further requirements as per timely demands.

Library Management System

Inventory Management System

Quiz and Assignment System

Payroll Wizard

Accountinmg Pro

Event Management System

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Terms Of Use

Services and Payment

Eazy school is a free software for use and does not require any service payment from the school.
The school will only pay a one time deployment fee and the students buy scratch cards from us termly through the school afterwards.

Ownership; Rights; Proprietary Information; Publicity

Eazy school remains a property of Profeworld Technologies but the software is customized to bear the school's information.
The software is to be deployed and used solely by the school and not more than a school per license/Domain deployed.


Profeworld's team gives code warranty and data securities.
. Profeworld will not be liable for any error acquired by the school in trying to reverse the software or break protocol.


The termination of the contract can only be done at the end of the session and all packages associated with Eazy school are terminated as well.
Profeworld will not be responsible for data transfer to a new service provider.

Relationship of the Parties?

Profeworld has the responsibility to deployed the software, maintained the software and teach the school how to use the software.
The school's responsibility is to use the software properly. Profeworld would not use the software on behalf of the school.


For more information on Eazy School, please contact: 07068988388, 08148115883

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